“[FILM REVIEW] House of The Disappeared (2017)”

A chilling plot accompanied with thought-provoking scenes, ‘House of the Disappeared’ is the perfect mystery thriller film that takes you away from reality, but keep your brains cracking over its invigorating storyline.

Starring Kim Yun Jin and Ok Taecyeon, ‘House of the Disappeared’ depicts a scene of Mi Hee (Kim Yun Jin) waking up from her unconsciousness after being pounded into a mirror. She then examines her wounded forehead, before hearing a thundering scream from her oldest son. With a weapon in hand, she walks over to the basement of her house, where her husband lies dead with a knife straight into his stomach.

Terrified and shocked by her husband’s death, Mi Hee encounters her oldest son a distance away, convincing him that the fiasco is over and the house is now safe. However, her son is spontaneously sucked into thin air and pushed into another dimension, as Mi Hee was too late to save him. Struggling to locate his son, the mother runs speedily to his direction but encountered a solid wall, leaving him nowhere to be found.

Due to the occurrence of this event, Mi Hee was falsely arrested for murdering her husband and son, and sentenced to 25 years of jail. After serving her jail time, she returns to her house in hopes of finding her oldest son, which she believes is still somewhere in the house.

With the help of a pastor, Priest Choi (Ok Taecyeon), together, Min Hee embarks on a journey to unfold the secrets of the house, in order to find the disappearance of the oldest son, and to bring peace to the sick and dying Min Hee.

The film had several essential flashbacks that helped the audience understand the movie better. The plot of the film is highly action-packed and engaging, where every scene plays an important part for the story to go on. The characters being portrayed were undeniably intriguing, however it would have been a bit better with more character development from Priest Choi, which would greatly help to evolve higher levels of emotions by the end of the movie.

That aside, the script was incredibly well written, as the climax of the film surprised many viewers, with a fascinating plot twist that no one ever saw coming. Despite the strong focus on Mi Hee, the other characters were essential to the storyline, which elevated the worth of its riveting plot. Its thriller elements were extremely time appropriate, making the audience shriek from the bombshells!

An exhilarating and soul-stirring mystery thriller, ‘House of The Disappeared’ will leave you with wondrous thoughts and a satisfied heart.

Running Time: 100 minutes
The Seoul Story’s Ratings: 4/5 🌟

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