“[FEATURE] Shining Light on B.A.P’s 7 Emotional B-Sides!”

What’s your B? B.A.P emerged into the scene back in 2012 with their intense and fiery debut track ‘Warrior’, followed by remarkable comebacks like ‘One Shot’, ‘Skydive’ and ‘Wake Me Up’ from their latest album, ‘ROSE’.

Having embarked and experimented with an array of genres, B.A.P definitely takes the cake musical quantity (and quality) wise. Don’t be fooled by their tough and masculine hip-hop influenced sound, B.A.P also has an impressive selection of emotional B-sides under their belt! Well, they did say to get a man who can do both, didn’t they? 😀

Let’s be honest ­– ballads aren’t that easy to pull off. However, B.A.P has made a point to include at least one ballad in each album. Their ingenious experimentation with their music never fail to render us utterly speechless.

Here are our top seven picks (in no particular order) of B.A.P’s hidden B-side gems, all from various albums, that are exceptionally deserving of your love!


Secret Love
Noted as B.A.P’s most well-known slow song, ‘Secret Love’, from their debut album ‘Warrior’, is probably no stranger to you. The bittersweet masterpiece featuring SECRET’s Jieun acts as a complete foil to their debut track. A song about pining for a lover clandestinely, it’s a great introductory piece to display their talents in various hues and textures!


‘Fermata’, written by Yongguk off ‘Noir’, is a special ballad track reserved for the four vocalists (Daehyun, Youngjae, Himchan and Jongup). A harmonious blend of melancholy and sultriness, the jazzy track offers a red carpet for their velvety vocals to shine. Fermata is a music term used when a note should be held longer than intended. Likewise, the song is about the loss of a loved one and the inability to stop and let go. Certainly a track not to miss out on!


Coffee Shop
‘Coffee Shop’
from their album ‘Badman’ is a refreshing break from their usual. This song, as its name depicts, brings to mind lazy Saturday afternoons, chilling at a café with serene music in the background and a delectable warm cup of macchiato in hand. Unknowingly, you’ll find yourself drowning in the comforting jazzy piano tones.


With You
‘With You’,
the last track off ‘First Sensibility’, is a special track for BABYs. It’s a reminder of B.A.P’s endless gratitude towards their fans who have stood unwaveringly by them throughout their journey. Through this song, BABYs can also appreciate the sweet vocals from Himchan and Jongup. “With you, with you, my baby” is constantly repeated, once again emphasising that without BABYs, there will be no B.A.P today.


It’s All Lies
Their mini album ‘Power’ wraps up with smooth R&B ballad “It’s All Lies”, a song that blames oneself for his mistakes. I’d say this song tugged the hardest at my heartstrings, especially at the slight pause where Zelo whispered dejectedly, “I don’t think I can go on without you”. This tearjerker will have your heart gnawing in a way you’ve never experienced before.


Rain Sound
‘Rain Sound’
from their ‘One Shot’ album is one lyrically emotional song. It first kicks off with the marriage of the soft pitter-patter of the rain and an acoustic guitar. With the bittersweet rain drops and Yongguk’s lilting heart-wrenching rap, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with this song. Their music video is just as artistically ethereal and forlorn, focusing on the art of symbolism and how humans deal with loss and memories.


What My Heart Tells Me To Do
‘What My Heart Tells Me To Do’,
off ‘No Mercy’, proves that alongside B.A.P’s intense synchronised dancing, they also have their mature sides which showcase the group’s versatility and vocal flexibilities. It’s a given that Youngjae steals the limelight here as he executes his solo moments with his gentle voice and signature vibrato. Zelo’s rap building up towards the climax also packs a punch for this track.


Undoubtedly living up to their name, B.A.P once again amazes us with their seamless teamwork that shines light on each member’s unique strength. Their strong line of rappers and vocalists have cemented their spot as one of the most promising and notable groups in K-Pop.

Their successful execution of ballads proves the group’s versatility and talents – a vital asset to the K-pop industry. On days where you need some quiet me-time, let B.A.P serenade you and capture your heart with their distinctive style!

B.A.P has also recently announced their comeback with a new mini album ‘ROSE’ and are currently promoting actively on music shows before embarking on a world tour to greet their overseas fans. Here’s the music video for B.A.P’s comeback track ‘Wake Me Up’!


Do you have your own favourite list of B-sides from B.A.P? Share with us your thoughts below on our comment box! 🙂





  • k on March 11, 2017

    Pretty sure in Its All Lies, it was zelo who said that instead of Daehyun ^^

    • tss on March 11, 2017

      Thank you for highlighting it to us! We have edited accordingly 🙂


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