“[FEATURE] Our Picks of 2015 Promising Rookies (PART 2)”

Continuing from our picks of ‘Promising Rookies in 2015 Part 1’, we will introduce three more groups in this write-up that will complete our list of Top Six Promising Rookies in 2015 (in no particular order). Check to see if your favourite groups made the cut!


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4. iKON

If there is one thing iKON is known for, it has to be their massive popularity even before their official debut this year. Having gone through two major survival shows pre-debut, the general public has gotten to know more about the boys through their self planned and executed stages from choreography to the various songs written and performed on stage.

Leader B.I was also reflected as the core member piecing the group together. His responsibilities include composing songs, coming up with choreography and also ensuring the team dynamics are always in top condition. Member Bobby also emerged as champion on rap survival show ‘Show Me The Money 3’, which enhanced iKON’s status as a hip-hop group that garnered even more support from the general public and fans alike.

The group also made headlines with double title tracks for debut, which certainly was impressive considering their rookie status. ‘Rhythm Ta’ and ‘Airplane’ both charted very well on Korea’s music charts, which resulted in several awards won on music shows not long after debut, a rare achievement for most rookie groups these days. Following this, iKON had also conducted several fan-meetings outside Korea, a progression worth noticing as this transits into overseas demand and popularity as well. Other notable achievements would include a Top 10 ranking on Billboard World Albums Chart, impressive album sales in Korea and being the brand endorser for outdoor apparel brand ‘NEPA’.


As it stands, iKON has just released their half album, a continuation from their debut. They officially introduced two more tracks titled ‘APOLOGY’ & ‘ANTHEM’ which again, charted very high on Korean music charts and even claimed #1 and #2 spots respectively upon release. It further cemented their position as a promising rookie group and one to look out for in the years to come.

This 7-member group from YG Entertainment had also clinched their first ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at the MelOn Music Awards held on November 7th, which was presented by their senior group WINNER, who received the same honour just last year. With such a strong start, iKON is definitely a group to look out for in the near future.




When the news first broke that JYP Entertainment was gearing up to debut a new girl group, it created much buzz among Kpop fans since it had been years since they debuted their last girl group, miss A. There was even more excitement when it was announced that the female trainees would go through a survival show and final members will be picked accordingly.

After a successful run in ‘SIXTEEN’ which saw member Momo dramatically added at the very last minute, the girls received an influx of fan support. Video performances that were uploaded online received thousands of views overnight, and the girls garnered thousands of followers on their Instagram just minutes after the account was created. Together with the public recognition received through their survival show, anticipation was high for their impending debut. When TWICE released ‘Like OOH-AHH’ on 20 October, it was met with generally good response from fans and the public alike. Their official MV also experienced a steady increase in views and as of 14 November, it has surpassed 10 million views.

Their debut track can be said to be a mix of ‘colour pop’ combined with elements of rock and R&B, which allows listeners to follow through easily. One of the hot topics when they first debuted was the stunning visuals of all members and their strong group dynamic. The girls then proceeded to chart decently on Korea’s music charts and album sales rose steadily as they promoted further. Notable achievements include being nominated on music shows as number one contenders, and TWICE even stood alongside SNSD’s Taeyeon on music show M!Countdown’s ranking as one of the Top 2 artistes for a week.

Despite debuting only a month ago, TWICE already has strong fandom support and are steadily rising in the ranks of rookie groups in 2015. With stronger and better releases coupled with more variety show appearances, this 9-member group will definitely be a hot issue in the months to come and could potentially be the next big thing from JYP Entertainment.



6. DAY6

Freshly debuted from JYP Entertainment, DAY6 strays away from typical promotions on music shows. This was not because their agency disallowed them to do so, but something the members personally requested for. DAY6 is a fresh addition into the Kpop scene as they demonstrate what real rock bands are all about – connecting with fans through live performances while playing their instruments at the same time. Besides the fact that each member is competent in musical instruments such as guitars, keyboard and the drums, almost all of the boys can carry a tune decently as well.

The boys of DAY6 focus on performing live gigs, busking and radio show appearances in order to appeal to the masses. Not only do they perform their own songs, the versatile boys would occasionally showcase their own renditions of popular hits such as miss A’s ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’ and Wonder Girls ‘Nobody’.

DAY6 also received increased interest when their debut album ‘The Day’ and title track ‘Congratulations’ obtained decent rankings on Korea’s music charts upon its release and landed a spot on Billboard even without massive promotions. The boys also recently concluded their 1st solo concert in Korea with strong attendance from both fellow label-mates and fans. The group also already has their fair share of international fans, having already promoted outside of Korea in Taiwan not too long ago, with upcoming showcases in Thailand and Singapore. Tickets sold like hotcakes for these events, and so it probably would not be too much of a stretch to say that their promotional strategy has been for the most part successful, fresh and worthy of praise.

Moreover, ‘Congratulations’ is played frequently from shops along the streets in Korea, indicating that the group is recognized amongst the locals. A huge turnout of fans whenever they perform live at designated areas is also testament to their popularity. Standing out from the sea of idol groups with proper promotional strategies showcasing their talents as a band, DAY6 shows potential to be the next big thing. We look forward to much greater things from these boys in the future!


The remaining three groups highlighted in this article are iKON, TWICE & DAY6. In case you missed it, SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND & MONSTA X were highlighted in Part 1 of our Promising Rookies in 2015 article series! Thank you for taking time to read our articles, feel free to share more regarding YOUR favourite rookie on the comment section below!


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