“[FEATURE] K-POP REPUBLIC 2 Avenue : Promising B-Sides From GFRIEND & WJSN”

No K-pop girl groups, no life! The K-pop industry has been served with a lot of catchy bops from various girl groups lately and we are lovin’ it! 😀


The ladies of GFRIEND and WJSN are definitely notable contributors of this girl group movement as they’ve become rising trendy artists of this generation. We explore more of their B-side tracks that showcase a deeper side of their iridescent discographies.


Take My Breath
The song starts off with an energetic chorus that will hit you like a refreshing wave on a hot day. With its upbeat tunes, this candy-like love track talks about the sweet crush and longing for that special someone and being unable to let go of beautiful moments together. The girls definitely took our breath away with ‘Take My Breath’ and we’re enjoying every moment of it!



Produced and written by Giriboy, ‘ROBOT’ serves a different side and sound from WJSN with the heavy EDM influence for this track. It takes on a special approach towards love with its unique lyrics accompanied by repeatable catchy chorus ‘Wanna Love Me, Touch Me, Hug Me, Hurry Up, Love Me, Touch Me, Hug Me, Hurry Up.’ This track offers both the cute and slightly sexy appeal from the girls which gives it a distinct change from their other songs.



Good Night
Let’s slow it down a little. Relaxing and slow tunes aside, the song made it to our recommendation list due to its relatable lyrics. ‘Good Night’ showcases the worries, insecurities, and uneasiness that one feels but the message gradually proceeds to the reassurance of reaching contentment by seizing the moment and sleeping through a wishful night peacefully.



Under The Sky
Having a bad day? Leave it to GFRIEND to make you feel better! The charms of ‘Under The Sky’ is that it serves as a sweet spring track that talks about chasing their dreams for better beautiful days together. This track is definitely a mood lifter that brings you positive energy for that extra push you need.



Rain In The Spring Time
‘Rain In The Spring Time’
is a beautiful emotional song that would definitely touch your heart. It is a different sound from GFRIEND where the girls showcase their beautiful voices together, reminiscing about the warmth embrace filling up the emptiness in their hearts. An OST track worthy, this song is definitely one of our favourites!



Ave Maria
With its retro-funky tunes, ‘Ave Maria’ is a sweet confession from the girls of finding their prince charming, not letting go of their promises to each other, all in the name of love. The catchy phrase ‘Ave Maria’ that repeatedly continues during the chorus makes the song even more fun and delightful!



Be sure to support GFRIEND & WJSN and get the chance to witness both of these groups LIVE in action this October 28 at the Circuit Event Grounds in Manila along with N.Flying & NCT127 for an unforgettable experience like no other! For more information, check out our updates regarding the upcoming K-pop Republic 2. Stay tuned for more information with The Seoul Story! 🙂




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