“[FEATURE] K-POP REPUBLIC 2 Avenue : Discover More of NCT 127 & N.FLYING”

When it comes to K-pop, the industry is highly populated with male celebrities. From solo acts to idol groups and even rock bands, there is bound to be a favourite for each of us among all of them. In this article, we will introduce you to two of the sought-after male groups in the K-pop scene today – NCT 127 & N.Flying.


Think about getting successful at being experimental and SM Entertainment should be the top-in-mind agency with NCT 127 as its strongest example. They describe the group’s concept of having an unlimited number of members divided into multiple sub-units based in various cities worldwide (again, experimental). NCT 127 has been considered as one of the power rookies today, and it is evident from their overall style – be it in music, dance, and even fashion. Explore their best releases through the following songs:


It works almost like an alarm; the intro of ‘Fire Truck’ immediately catches your attention, commanding you to listen to the song as it progresses. Its catchy tunes incorporating siren sounds make it even more addicting, offering a unique flavour as a K-pop title track, something that fits NCT 127 to a T.



NCT 127 is formed with more emphasis on hip-hop sound but with ‘Limitless’, we are presented with a wealth of rich vocals proving once again the group’s versatility. The song opens in trap-esque beats and continues with intense percussion sounds as it gradually builds up. As soon as the chorus comes in, the tempo increases and the dynamics change – the light and contrasting tones of their vocal line sinking heavily to their listeners and it just adds value to the overall pleasurable listening experience.



Talk about great hooks, ‘Cherry Bomb’ is certainly the bomb! With its repetitive powerful synth and bass, the boys exhibit another beautiful blend of rapping and singing accompanied by vigorous thumping electronic sounds. This track highlights the special spark that only NCT 127 can pull off.



While K-pop idol groups are vastly popular with the majority, let’s not forget the guys who can rock their way though our hearts! With a plethora bag of talents, N.Flying offers us raw quality music that only they can produce. While FNC Entertainment has had their own bands with FTISLAND mastering the rock-ballad concept, CN BLUE perfecting the pop-rock sound, N.Flying offers a fresh mix of funk, rock and rap, exploring the untouched adding their own flavour to their content. Hear their distinctive music through their songs below:



As the title suggests, it is indeed an awesome and solid Korean debut song for N.Flying. With a strong guitar intro, a complementing bass, and a smooth-flowing rap, it gets you anticipated for more as you continue listening to the song. Albeit short, the sexy guitar solo in the middle is one of our favourite parts; goosebumps inducing worthy and something you definitely do not want to miss!



Although ‘Lonely’ carries a slower melody with more heart wrenching lyrics, the incorporation of raps and a touch of rock into this song does not take away what N.Flying is known for. If you’re feeling a little down on a rainy day, this track serves as a perfect accompaniment with a little sorrowfulness.



We’re not going to lie, ‘The Real’ is definitely the real deal for N.Flying in our opinion. Not only does the delivery brings us back to the fun, quirky fresh image N.Flying is highly known for, its overall concept definitely brings out the best from the boys. ‘The Real’ also marks an all-new comeback for them with the introduction of new member Yoo Hwe Sung who participated in Produce 101 Season 2. The music video itself is a great one with special appearance by fellow Produce 101 Season 2 contestant Jang Moon Bok!



Although we have highlighted several bops from both NCT 127 & N.Flying, we are certain that the boys have so much more to show in the years to come! So be sure to support both groups along with GFRIEND & WJSN LIVE in action this October 28 at the Circuit Event Grounds in Manila for an explosive experience like no other! For more information, check out our updates regarding the upcoming K-pop Republic 2. Stay tuned for more information with The Seoul Story! 🙂




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