“[FEATURE] Jamming Out To 6 Impressive Covers By DAY6”

Rising band DAY6 from JYP Entertainment is definitely something special as they continue to capture hearts with their latest single, ‘Everyday DAY6 [April]’. Made up of members Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil & Dowoon, the boys are here to stay with new song releases every month. Usually armed with their electric guitars, keyboards and amplifiers alongside their natural flair for music, they seem like your typical rock band. But are they really?

After making an exceptional splash in the music industry with songs like ‘Congratulations’, ‘You Were Beautiful’ and recently released “I’m Serious”, it’s evident that the boys are, without a doubt, endowed with one thing – talent. As announced earlier, DAY6 would be rolling out a new release on the 6th of every month throughout the year; a great leap for the group that is brimming with capabilities and talents!

While they have many smashing songs under their belt, let’s not sleep on their other epithet: ‘Kings of Covers’. Being frequent guests on radio programmes, they usually treat their fans with live performances of their songs and those of other artists. Song covers are a joy to listen to, it’s a fascinating and intriguing experience to listen to an artist modify the work – or rather, the art ­– of another. And it’s always a brand new euphoric sensation that washes over us whenever DAY6 covers songs of others.

To spice things up, DAY6 has put aside their signature electronic sound and strapped on their acoustic guitars, with the accompaniment of soft keyboard tones and gentle beats on the cajón. And viola! This has grown to become a notable trademark of the group. Let’s now take a look at six impressive covers by DAY6!


Cherry Blossom Ending
First off, ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ by Busker Busker! Ahh, a classic hit song covered by Wonpil and Jae, with Dowoon on the cajón. Any time is the perfect time to melt in their sweet and velvety vocals. Though DAY6 is known for their electronic rock style, they also hit off well with mellow acoustic songs. The way Wonpil graced the song with his delicate falsettos provided a quiet sense of calm, almost… akin to the feeling of falling in love, don’t you think so?


Like Ohh-Ahh
DAY6’s fresh and distinctive take on fellow label-mate TWICE’s debut track ‘Like Ooh Ahh’ will render you speechless. Choosing to forego the original pop princess vibe, the talented boys, especially Sungjin with his gravelling husky voice, have turned the song into a jazzy coffee shop style piece. With a lilting piano melody running throughout, together with temperate drum beats and sweet guitar riffs, it’s hard not to bop your head to it!


Stop and Stare
It’s rare – extremely rare we might add – to find a band whereby almost every member sings and plays an instrument well, but it’s even rarer to have a group with colourful array of vocal tones above that. Their cover of ‘Stop and Stare’ by One Republic was what first drew us to them. Though they’ve covered this song countless times, that’s absolutely fine because you can never have enough of it! Kudos to Young K and Sungjin for being the MVPs here especially Young K towards the end – his vocals so clear and raw, it’ll send chills down your spine, but it feels so good that you wouldn’t mind.


Shape Of You
They really live up to their name of the Kings of Covers – always refreshingly astounding; always sweeping people off their feet. During their recent visit to KBS Kiss the Radio, the band performed a groovy rendition of Ed Sheeran’s latest hit song ‘Shape Of You’. The stripped down acoustic version really showcased the group’s live vocal talents and versatility. They delivered, once again and with such flawless harmonisation and falsettos, you’ll find yourself jamming to it unknowingly.


Their English cover of Crush’s ‘Sofa’ on KSTYLE TV’s DAY6 Soundtrack was a break from their usual and needless to say, it was an ethereally flawless cover. Sofa is a power ballad and Crush’s R&B sound is nothing similar to DAY6’s so it’s hard to imagine how the boys would cover it. Nevertheless, they still owned it. The soul-soothing arrangement of this piece was flawlessly remade into their own song. Being a Wonpil special, his verses were delivered in an emotive, fists-clenched fashion which further perfected the cover.


Confession Song
It’s inevitable – we’re all in favour of seeing our favourites interacting with friends they’ve grown up and trained with. But covering each other’s songs? An honour we dare not dream of! DAY6 first covered GOT7’s ‘Confession Song’ at their concert in Bangkok, spoiling fans of both groups. Despite being brother bands, both have different music styles. After modifying the arrangement and giving it a little twist, DAY6 presented the bubblegum pop song with a major boost. Jae’s English rap also gave the song a fresh twist.


As they say, stan talent, stan DAY6. DAY6’s covers are nothing short of amazing, yet it only touches the tip of the iceberg. Music lovers can definitely anticipate more surprises from this promising band in the near future.

The quintet showcases a new facet of their musical abilities for each comeback. If you’re searching for something to look forward to each month, let DAY6 fill that void! They’re currently gearing up for their next concert and release in May. Now, we just have to sit back and reap the monthly rewards! 🙂 While waiting for May to come, check out DAY6’s April release, “I’m Serious”!



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