“[FEATURE] CNBLUE Is Here To Stay & This Is Why You Should Check Them Out LIVE In Action”

South Korean pop rock band CNBLUE is no stranger to K-pop fans. Although not a typical idol group, the band has been in the industry for seven years and has achieved many milestones in their career, while solidifying themselves as versatile musicians with their diverse musical palette.

Since their official debut in Korea in 2010, the four dashing and talented boys of CNBLUE (Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk & Jungshin) have constantly been releasing a myriad cornucopia of tunes, ranging from their inaugural pop-rock mini album ‘Bluetory’, to their hip hop infused rock debut full-length album ‘First Step’, to the rhythmic, romantic, swing tunes of ‘Blueming’ that drew even more global attention to the group and even earned them their first spot in the Billboard Top 10 World Albums Chart.


Their latest comeback with the mini album ‘7ºCN’ and its lead single ‘Between Us’, proved just how keen the boys are on developing their musical repertoire. The single features a familiar melody that is rooted in rock yet brings forth a new component of modern electronic sounds that smoothly seep through the entire song. The mini-album highlights an overall genre-bending vibe bringing acoustic and funk vibrations with the signature rock undertone of CNBLUE that makes their new mini album fresh yet still feels like home. The mini-album also garnered the band another charting on the Billboard World Album charts, ranking 2 spots higher than previous release.

Along with the release of their new album, CNBLUE is appeasing fans with an Asia tour, stopping by Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, and the closest one being in Jakarta on the 15th of July at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE).

With such incredible talent, be sure not to miss this chance to catch CNBLUE LIVE in Indonesia to witness the burning, lovely, untouchable and undoubtedly emotional experience in action!

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