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Despite being on the scene for just two years, multinational 7-member boy band GOT7 has already taken the K-pop world by storm. The septet, comprising of members from South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand as well as the United States, has gained immense recognition through their catchy tracks and charisma on stage. GOT7 possesses some arresting visuals, and always brings something fresh to the table by juxtaposing comeback concepts time and time again.

To us, the one thing that sets the boys apart from the rest is their ability to exude confidence and mesh their individual talents into their live performances. As a prelude to their upcoming fan meeting in Singapore, we take a look at 7 impressive GOT7 performances of a mix of tracks from different parts of their discography:

Stop Stop It (하지하지마)

The chorus of ‘Stop Stop It’ is so catchy it sticks with you long after the song ends, and the sharp choreography (not to mention the body waves..!) matches the beat of the song perfectly. Each member gets a decent amount of time during solo parts, bringing their individual charms to our attention throughout the performance. Member Junior especially stands out with his impressive vocals at the opening and bridge of the song.


(Ends at 3:33)

GOT7 brings us back to our childhood with ‘Playground’. Rappers Jackson, Bambam and Mark are given singing parts and therefore a chance to showcase their hidden vocal talents. The members take a break from their usual upbeat performances for this soothing and melodious track, proving that they’ve got more to them than just slick choreography and tricking on stage.

If You Do (니가 하면)

Decked out in suits and neat hairdos, the boys transformed into suave men and displayed upgraded visuals for their latest title track ‘If You Do‘. This song is by far one of their best and definitely should not be missed. While the members keep us anticipating for more with solo parts and ad-libs throughout, the song reaches its climax at 2:41 with Junior’s solo as he sends a smolder into the camera, leading us back into the last chorus. It is worth noting that the dance steps were choreographed by Junior and youngest member Yugyeom as well.

Girls Girls Girls

K-pop isn’t K-pop without a little self-praise, and GOT7 brought out their confident sides out for debut track ‘Girls Girls Girls’. Once again, GOT7 wows us with their smooth moves in this performance. Rapper Mark takes the spotlight at the bridge, executing a flip across the stage in slow motion. This notable track definitely leaves every girl wanting a piece of the boys!

Just Right (딱 좋아)

Overflowing with youthful charm and innocence, ‘Just Right’ is sure to get you on your feet. The member’s colourful outfits go perfectly with the adorably light-spirited choreography, and vocalists Youngjae and JB outdo themselves as they smoothly transition between the verses. This track is a cute change from the group’s usual, stronger image, leaving us wondering whether there is any other concept the boys can’t pull off.


The catchy “Hey~” being repeated throughout most of the song itself is a total earworm – when it was first released, we couldn’t get the tune out of our heads! The boys exude boyish charm effortlessly on stage, making the audience swoon as they sing the heart-fluttering lyrics for ‘A‘. The performance isn’t much about the choreography, but GOT7 shows their ability to have fun and truly enjoy their time onstage.


Old is gold and so ‘Bounce’ certainly deserves a place in this list. Originally performed by JJ Project (a duo comprising of members JB and Junior before debuting in GOT7), the boys have recently started performing the track as a group, giving it a new lease of life that is entirely their style. This is one of their most energetic tracks, and the members’ ability to naturally deliver the lines of the song on stage makes it seem as if it was meant to be a GOT7 song from the start.

While there are many other performances from GOT7 that are worth noting, these tracks were selected based on the songs they performed at their previous fan meeting in Manila. If you haven’t already, head on over to our pre-event articles and find out how you can snag tickets to catch them performing these songs LIVE in Singapore! 🙂


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