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“[FEATURE] 7 B-side (Non Title Track) Tracks Worth Checking Out by GOT7”

Multi-national membered boy-group from JYP Entertainment, GOT7, continues to gain more recognition after their latest release, ‘Flight Log: Turbulence‘ full album.

The group not only possesses diverse charms and skills, but also catchy title tracks, along with explosive charisma on stage. It is also worth noting that the septet is known for having solid discography with various B-side tracks included.

As a prelude to the upcoming ‘GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence’ in Indonesia, take a look at seven of GOT7’s B-side tracks that should not be missed out from their seven previously released albums:

 Hello (여보세요)

Hello is the first track listed in their first mini album, ‘Got It?’, which started GOT7’s journey as a group. The start of the song is a pleasant treat for IGOT7s as fans listen to leader JB’s rap. As the song proceeds, the heavily hip-hop influenced track begins to slow down with members Jinyoung and Youngjae’s beautiful vocals.

The track is a solid introduction to the group, it is like a call that managed to capture fans’ attention.


Forever Young

Our choice from ‘Got♡’ mini album is a soothing serenade from the group. Forever Young could appeal to the listeners not only for its melodious arrangement, but also sweet lyrics that represent an honest and youthful confession. Another plus point is one of the rappers, Jackson got to showcase his vocals again in this song.


Moonlight (달빛)

GOT7’s first full album, ‘Identify’, is comprised with a lot of impressive tracks. The R&B-Ballad track, Moonlight eventually became our choice for the album as it doesn’t only have a tranquilizing melody, but also some impressive vocals and raps from the members.

The ad-libs and harmonization from main and lead vocals, Youngjae, JB, and Jinyoung near to the end, with Mark’s emotional rap closing off the song are definitely the best part of the track.


Before The Full Moon Rises (보름달이 뜨기 전에)

Before The Full Moon Rises is a mid-tempo track from ‘Just Right’ mini album. The song captured our interest for the contrasting charms of the melody and the lyrics.

Despite the sweet-sounding tune, the lyrics give off a dark fantasy-esque story as it tells how they wish for their girl to bid good-bye to them before the full moon rises, as they might turn into beasts if she stayed together with him.


Put Them Up (손들어)

Put Them Up is our choice of B-side track from GOT7’s ‘MAD’ mini album. The song is energetic and appeals right off from the start with its catchy tune that would not fail to make heads bob.

It is another GOT7’s b-side that showcases interesting lyrics, which is about arresting a girl for stealing their heart with their beauty.


Home Run

After a successful run with ‘Fly’, GOT7 did a follow-up promotion with a track from their ‘Flight Log : Departure mini album’, Home Run.  It is a funky-upbeat song, using Baseball as a metaphor that represents attraction and love.

The fun choreography also adds up the point for this song. Boyfriend version of ‘Home Run’ dance practice video is especially worth watching, proving that the group never fails to spoil IGOT7s.


Sick (아파)

The group’s second full album, ‘Flight Log: Turbulenceis filled with members’ participation in various tracks.

Sick is a ballad track which showcases advancement from their previous slower songs, especially with main vocal Youngjae (under the name Ars) and rappers Mark & Jackson taking part in lyrics and rap makings.

The emotional vocals and raps throughout the song truly display the group’s continuous improvement and more mature side of them. Remember to also check out the live performance of the song done by the vocal line for their ‘Got The Stage’ project!



Catch GOT7 in Indonesia this upcoming February 18th for ‘GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence’ in Indonesia! For more information regarding the event, do check out the full details here.

Tickets are selling out fast, so make sure you secure your ticket to see the boys live and get ready for an awesome show🙂





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