“[FEATURE] 7 B-side (Non Title Track) Performances – INFINITE”


7-member boy group INFINITE is well-known for their signature sound. Instead of riding on the latest music trends every comeback, the group has always managed to come up with something fresh and very much their own. Also, ask any fan and they would most likely tell you that nearly every track on each album besides the promoted title single is worth a listen. This is certainly a breath of fresh air in an industry where pop albums are frequently peppered with generic, filler songs.

The members have also garnered a reputation for being some of the best ‘live-dols’ around – putting on solid performances that showcase strong live vocals and energetic dancing. In conjunction with their upcoming ‘INFINITE EFFECT’ 2nd World Tour concerts in Bangkok, Manila, Singapore and Jakarta, we take a look at 7 impressive live performances of INFINITE’s rarely-promoted B-side tracks.

Wings (날개)

Wings‘ is a track off their debut album ‘First Invasion’, and has all the markings of an INFINITE song – in particular the amalgamation of instruments that contributes to the majestic-sounding background music. It’s probably a hit amongst Sunggyu fans because the highlight of the concert performance version (2:36 in the video) is without a doubt, the leader’s long note at the bridge. Woohyun starts off and builds suspense with his rich voice, and Sunggyu comes in to absolutely blow everyone away.



A lovely serenade to a girl expressing the boys’ longing for her, this is a song that made me wish my name was ‘Julia‘! The catchy ‘A I O A I O I A A I O‘ parts in the song are great for the fans to sing-along to, and the boys showcase their vocal range by singing the last chorus almost entirely in a perfect falsetto. During INFINITE’s ‘Second Invasion Evolution’ concert, the members dressed in cute, colourful suits and very sweetly greeted fans in the seated sections via special cart/trolleys that traveled the length of the stadium.


Tic Toc

This special concert rearrangement of ‘Tic Toc‘ puts a spin on a classic, as the live band adds a dash of drama to the song. Designated rappers Hoya and Dongwoo show that they are far from one-trick ponies as both sing and rap perfectly! The climax of the song is at 2:42 of the video, where the sound of a clock ticking leads into Dongwoo’s rap part at the bridge and sends chills down our spines.


 In The Summer (그 해 여름)

An upbeat, uplifting summer jam that debuted as a fun ‘hidden track’ on their full album ‘Paradise’, fans were delighted to hear the full version when it was released on the mini-album ‘INFINITIZE’. ‘In The Summer‘ is reminiscent of a relaxing summer vacation on a clear, sunny day – so much that the band named their biennial summer acoustic concert series after this song. Member L also has his chance to shine as he belts out the high note at the end of the bridge (starts 2:27 in the video)!


Still I Miss You (그리움에 닿는 곳에)

With ‘Still I Miss You‘, INFINITE proves that alongside the ability to produce synchronized dancing, they have the vocal chops to go with it as well. The members harmonize beautifully during the chorus, smoothly transitioning between the high and low notes. Main vocals Sunggyu and Woohyun impress as they close out the song, passionately singing the last few lines with gusto.


Shower (소나기)

Before ending promotions for ‘Last Romeo‘, INFINITE performed ‘Shower‘ on a couple of music shows. The song makes an impact from start to end, from the strong fan-chants, the sharp choreography and powerful singing, to the intricate hand movement at the end while the boys sing ‘This shower~’. Many fans thought that this should have been the promoted title track, and we can’t disagree!



Moonlight’ is a track fresh off their latest album ‘Reality’, and is most definitely a throwback to the 70s’ and 80s’ with its thumping disco beat. Youngest members Sungyeol, L and Sungjong showcase improved vocals with L’s ad-libs, and Sungyeol + Sungjong taking charge of the chorus! The choreography is a sight to behold as well – body waves galore in the chorus and the finger-snapping movement that goes perfectly with the melody. We can’t wait to see this live!

Of course, there were many more tracks we wanted to include in this list but we hope this can give you a taste of what to expect come 24th Oct, when INFINITE lands in Bangkok and embarks on a mini Southeast Asian tour! Tickets are selling out fast, so make sure you secure your ticket to see the boys live and get ready for an awesome show 🙂


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