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“[FEATURE] 6 Variety Shows with GOT7 You Won’t Want to Miss!”


It is safe to say that one of the significant reasons for GOT7’s popularity, aside from their solid discography and striking visuals, is their variety show appearances. Having three foreign members; Mark, Jackson, and BamBam is also one of the reasons why their variety shows could easily be enjoyed not only by Korean fans, but also International IGOT7s.

When it comes to variety shows, member Jackson may be the one with most public recognition, especially with his notable appearance in shows like Roommate. But when the whole group gets together, you cannot deny that each member has distinct personalities and charms, which never fail to bring entertainment to viewers—whether they’re a fan or not.

When you need a good laugh or just something to watch, do check out our picks of 6 variety shows with GOT7 below:



Not too long after the group debuted, GOT7 landed a spot on SBS MTV channel for their first own variety show, entitled I GOT7. The 10-episode show could be said as the gate that undisclosed the members’ potential in variety. With Kim Shin Young as the emcee, the boys did not hold back and went all out to show their charms despite being a rookie back then.  We also managed to see the members’ interactions with other JYP Entertainment’s artists like 2PM’s Chansung and miss A’s Suzy, which added up the joy during the episodes.



Real GOT7

Real GOT7 could be said as one of the keys that brought the group closer to fans. It was a three-season YouTube variety show, and most importantly, it came with English Subs! The show’s first season was aired during ‘Girls Girls Girls’ era.

The show continued its next season during the ‘A’ era, which was then followed with the third season which was first aired before ‘Just Right’ promotion period. The length of the show varies every episode—from 10 to 25 minutes. comeback preparations and even the boys’ daily activities were shown through the show!


Weekly Idol

Weekly Idol is one of the most prominent, must-go variety show every-time an idol group makes a comeback, and GOT7 is no exception. Random play dances, 2x faster dance, and witty interactions with the emcees are stuff we certainly could expect while watching the show.

However, in the latest episode of GOT7’s Weekly Idol, we also got to witness members JB and Jinyoung dancing to Gfriend’s ‘Me Gustas Tu’ to ‘promote’ their real names. Another funny segment during the episode was when the members got all embarrassed watching their past ‘A’ teasers.


GOT7 ‘Hard Carry’

The group landed another spot for their own variety show during ‘Hard Carry’ era. Named after their song title, the show was aired on Mnet and allowed members to participate in the show’s production. Through the show, we did not only get to see various activities involving the seven members, but also some hilarious self-made MVs of their songs.


Running Man

Running Man is known as one of the most influential variety shows among Hallyu fans. Despite only appearing as cameos in Episode 316, GOT7 members managed to bring in laughter during their appearance, while also looking fine in their prison guard uniforms!

Hilarity especially ensued when the running man members tried to escape from the boys, which started the tag ripping game—except Kim Jong Kook, who failed to get the hint.



When it comes to consistently spoiling International Fans, GOT7 is definitely the group. After Real GOT7, the group was back with another reality series entitled ‘GOT7ing’, this time broadcasted through the well-known application among K-pop fans, Naver’s V-App.

With the ‘No Script, No Mission, No Game, No Penalty’ tagline, the boys made sure to entertain the fans once again by unveiling their daily activities such as ‘Eat’ing, ‘Holiday’ing, ‘Practice’ing, and ‘Sing’ing.


Hope you now have a better idea of shows to watch where you can catch GOT7 being goofy and entertaining fans with their craziness! Do you have other recommendations to share? Be sure to drop your comments below! 🙂


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