“[FEATURE] 6 Special Stages By GFRIEND You Should Not Miss Out!”

GFRIEND is a rising group whose name is definitely a hot topic these days. Despite coming from a relatively small company and having only debuted in 2015, they have already topped the charts multiple times accompanied by numerous awards. The talents and charms of all members; Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji are gathering fans of all genders, ages and nationalities.

The group is well-known for their powerful dances and signature girlish numbers such as “Me Gustas Tu”, “Rough” and their latest hit, “Navillera”. While the public acknowledge them as great performers, the girls offer other dynamic performances as well! Check out our Top 6 special stages by GFRIEND every Buddies – no, everybody – needs to watch in preparations for the upcoming GFRIEND L.O.L Showcase in Singapore and Manila.


1. Bring It All Back

What’s one thing we expect idols to do when they perform in other countries? Speaking in other languages of course! ‘Bring It All Back’ is the debut song of British pop group S Club 7, and yup, GFRIEND performed this song with its original English lyrics. It’s easy to get energized by the fun tune, positive lyrics, and the additional choreography, while getting to hear the girls speaking in English! Definitely killing two birds with one stone. 


2. Like Ooh Ahh

Nothing fascinates us more than seeing our favorite group performing songs by other idols! TWICE’s ‘Like Ooh Ahh’ was one of 2015’s most popular song and needless to say, GFRIEND did well with their own rendition of the song. The rapping parts by Sowon and Umji also gave the song a fresh vibe.


3. Love and Remember

GFRIEND brought back the old-school Kpop on Immortal Song with G.O.D’s ‘Love and Remember’. It might not be a track with mind-blowing high notes, but still, it was a memorable one. The highlight of this performance was definitely their vocals, but their dance also caught our attention. Who could spot Me Gustas Tu’s choreography fitting in nicely as if it was the original choreography during the dance break? 😉


4. Black Cat Nero

Who knew a children’s song could sound and look this exciting? Starting off with cheeky cat-like dance moves, the song soon elevated to an upbeat number and the girls danced to old-school Kpop group TURBO’s signature moves of this song. Still, the girls ooze cuteness throughout the performance and it is something you’ll definitely not want to miss!


5. All For You

This is hands down one of the best vocal performances from GFRIEND in our opinion! In perfect harmony with Shin Yu, GFRIEND brings out Yoonjae and Siwon of Reply 1997’s love story in the sweetest way possible. We’re totally amazed by Yuju’s power vocal and wholeheartedly wish GFRIEND would be able to sing more drama OSTs in the future.  


6. GFRIEND Super Rookie Special

This performance made it into our list as GFRIEND presented a different concept with semi-formal stage costumes and a powerful dance stage. We’ve always known GFRIEND for their amazing dance skills but this particular stage brings them to another level. The opening solo by SinB magnified her role as the group’s main dancer and we were thrilled that the other girls quickly showed their own stage presence as well. (Can you spot some moves from their promoted tracks’ choreographies?)



For more information regarding GFRIEND’s L.O.L Showcase in Singapore and Manila, do check out the full details here. Tickets are selling out fast, so make sure to secure yours to see the girls live and get ready for an awesome show!




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