“[FEATURE] 5 Times Lee Dong Wook Made Your Heart Melt”

Actor Lee Dong Wook is no stranger to the spotlight. He has gained the reputation as a respectable actor who has played a variety of roles. However, he rose to even greater heights after playing his most revered role yet: a sinister yet oblivious grim reaper in the hit drama series ‘Goblin’ back in 2016. Despite playing such a serious character, in reality, Lee Dong Wook might just be the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet!

Here are 5 instances where Lee Dong Wook made you forget that he was the grim reaper and might just melt your heart with his actions.

Uncle Lee Dong Wook playing with the Beagle Twins and baby Daebakie

The three out of 5 children of Korea’s soccer legend Lee Dong Gook are famous for their affinity towards handsome men. They light up and become even more playful than they already are. It’s no surprise when the ever-so-handsome uncle Lee Dong Wook came to visit and replaced their dad for a day that the children became ecstatic.


Uncle Lee Dong Wook visit the Beagle Twins and Daebakie the for 2nd time

The 3 children love Lee Dong Wook so much that the TROS team decided to surprise them with his presence for the 2nd time. Uncle Lee Dong Wook surprised them as he hid in a large gift box, giving the beagle twins a slight scare. But, all is well, as they took a trip to the seaside together with Daebak who grew bigger from Dong Wook’s last visit. They had a fun day at the water park and played sports with both uncle Lee Dong Wook and daddy Lee Dong Gook.


Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo: The Best of Friends

The two best friends first met when they both played in a drama called ‘The Fugitive of Joseon’ back in 2013. Dong Wook played the lead role of ‘Choi Won’, a royal physician and Ji Hyo was his assistant. Their heartwarming friendship is often showcased in the hit variety series ‘Running Man’ where viewers can see just how compatible the two are with each other.


The famous bromance turned real-life best friends from ‘Roommate’

One of the many highlights from the hit reality show ‘Roommate’, which sadly ended after only 2 seasons in 2015, was the funny yet genuine bromance between Lee Dong Wook and comedian Jo Sae Ho. They had so so many things in common that their on-screen chemistry continued even off screen. The two even did a pictorial for Cosmpolitan Korea’s September issue in 2015; showcasing their candid bromance moments. One funny yet adorable instance that showcased their friendship can be seen in the video above when the two were caught lip-syncing to a song from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’!


Lee Dong Wook in Blade Man: Prickly Pear turned Clingy Boyfriend

One of his more underrated performance throughout his career would probably be Lee Dong Wook in the drama ‘Blade Man—aka Iron Man’ in 2014. Lee played a wealthy man named Joo Hong Bin with both figuratively and literally a rough exterior, as he acquires a supernatural ability wherein his anger can trigger knives to pop out of his back! However, Hong Bin finds solace in a woman who is the opposite of him; Son Se Dong played by Shin Se Kyung.


It may come as a shocker for those who are only acquainted to Lee’s role as the grim reaper, but it’s quite obvious just how affectionate he is in real life. And for those who might be intrigued to see more of Lee Dong Wook’s adorable antics in real life, he is in fact hosting a fan meeting on the 20th of May in Jakarta. For more info, check out the event’s details here. 🙂



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