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“[FEATURE] 5 Skills of Park Bogum You Cannot Overlook”

After participating in hit dramas such as ‘Reply 1988’ and ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’, Park Bo Gum received a lot of praises for his outstanding acting skills, cementing his position as the rising and promising actor in Korea.

Despite being an actor, he has many times proved that his talent is not only limited to acting, and that he has a lot of potentials in other fields as well. Read on further to find out more of Park Bo Gum’s skills which you must not overlook!



Before breaking out with ‘Reply 1988’, Park Bo Gum was popular for being a host for KBS’s weekly music show, ‘Music Bank’ alongside Red Velvet’s Irene. During one year and a month of hosting the show, the actor gained a lot of attention due to his hsoting skills as well as his chemistry with his co-host. Park Bo Gum also admitted that the job became a great experience for him and allowed him to enhance his speaking skills. Recently, he also became an emcee for year-end shows held by KBS, KBS Drama Award and KBS Music Festival, and earned praises for his great skills.



It is a pretty well-known fact to his fans that the actor used to audition to become singer a few times. Even though he ended up choosing acting as his career path, the actor’s interest for music did not cease. He has been able to showcase his singing skills a few times until now, such as for the special emcee stages on Music Bank. Just recently, he released an OST for his drama, ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’, titled ‘My Person’, which received hot response and managed to top Korean charts! Singing is also one of the things we can expect to witness during his upcoming fan-meeting, so, make sure not to miss it!



Playing Instruments

Park Bo Gum’s potential is definitely limitless. If you watched him in Cantabile Tomorrow and wondered whether he played the cello for real, then the answer is, yes! Being a student of musical department, his musical talent is not only limited to singing, but also playing instruments such as cello and piano. The actor also revealed that he learned to conduct, which was also showcased in the drama.


Variety Shows

Being a fan of an actor doesn’t mean you could only see them in movies and dramas! Park Bo Gum has been participating in some variety shows until now, and earned praises every-time he made an appearance. Through variety shows, we get to see more of his real-life personality and charms. Youth Over Flowers: Africa and 2 Days 1 Night are two variety shows worth watching if you are a huge fan of the actor. Besides that, you might also want to check out his cameo appearance in Sister’s Slam Dunk and Running Man. It would be great to see him in more variety shows in the future.



Who doesn’t love a man who eats well? Park Bo Gum is definitely in the list when it comes to eating well! We cannot deny that seeing how he manages to look both entertaining and charming while eating could make us fall for him more. During his latest fan-meet in Malaysia, he was seen eating Malaysian’s local food, Nasi Lemak, and to the fans’ delight, it looked like he totally enjoyed the food! As long as the good food is there, the actor would definitely enjoy them. You may be able to see this charm of his in the upcoming fan-meet as well!


Catch this talented actor in Indonesia this coming January 13th as he greets fans for 2017 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour in Jakarta! For more information regarding the event, do check out the full details here.


Tickets are selling out fast, so make sure you secure your ticket to see him LIVE and get ready for an awesome show 🙂



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