“[FEATURE] 4 reasons to catch GOT7 ‘FLY in Singapore’ LIVE this June!”


After a successful run of promotions with title track ‘Fly’ and follow-up single ‘Homerun’ in Korea, multinational boy group GOT7 (JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom) launched the namesake ‘Fly’ concert series in support of their latest mini album ‘Flight Log: Departure‘.

Kicking off with opening concerts in Seoul on April 29 – 30, the members will be continuing on to stops in China, Japan and Thailand before capping off the Asian leg of the world tour in Singapore. Fresh off several music show trophy wins and a meteoric rise in popularity, the boys will no doubt be coming into the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre riding a huge wave of confidence.

Diehard IGOT7s would surely have seen the boys in action during their previous events and fan-meetings in Singapore, but for those of you needing a primer on the group’s signature brand of live performances, we make the case and list four reasons to catch GOT7 at their ‘Fly in Singapore’ event next month:


1. This is GOT7’s first full concert in Singapore


The first full concert for a K-pop group is always one for the record books. GOT7 will be performing a full setlist of songs for ‘Fly in Singapore’, and fans would be able to experience the entire package of a K-pop concert extravaganza starring their favourite group. Having released some 70 tracks and pulled off various contrasting concepts throughout their career, audience members can look forward to enjoying more than 2 hours of entertainment from the boys. What’s more, Singapore IGOT7s can witness leader JB make a healthy return to the stage – he was unfortunately absent during the Seoul concerts due to injury. Emotions are sure to run high, so don’t miss out on making a beautiful memory on an exciting night out!


2. Exclusive preview of new, self-composed tracks


Besides performing self-composed tracks such as ‘REWIND‘ from their latest album in Seoul, the boys also performed other songs they had written themselves such as ‘1:31am‘ and ‘Higher‘. Fans would definitely be loathe to miss out on any exclusive performances of never-before-heard songs, especially with the added bonus of a personal touch by the GOT7 members. Be prepared for a night of variety in terms of the tonalities, emotions and themes — both musically and lyrically, each a cathartic embodiment of the member’s personalities.


3. Special stages galore

The boys of GOT7 are known for being a spontaneous bunch and from what we’ve seen so far, their concert may be augmented even further with stages such as girl group cover dances! In Seoul, Mark, Junior and Youngjae hilariously teamed up to perform ‘Me Gustas Tu’ by GFRIEND while Jackson, BamBam and Yugyeom gamely did a cover of ‘Dumb Dumb’ by Red Velvet. Such performances will definitely be sure to send the audience into overdrive, and we’re counting on the boys to inject a similar bit of fun and comedy into the Singapore leg of the tour.

GOT7_jackson_bambam_yugyeom (3)


4. Fun and games

Any event, be it a fanmeet or concert, is incomplete without a little interaction with the fans. Back in their opening Seoul shows, the boys played games such as ‘Spin the Wheel’, getting the audience all hyped up and ready in case the camera pans to them. Apart from that, the GOT7 members will also customarily show their appreciation for the crowd by waving and dancing as near to the fans as possible. These little gestures are bound to keep fans hyped up and on the edge of their seats all night.


We hope this can give you a taste of what to expect come 24th June when GOT7 lands in Singapore to finish off their Asia tour! For more information, check out our pre-event article here: Tickets are selling out fast, so make sure you secure your ticket to see the boys live and get ready for an awesome show 🙂



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