“[FEATURE] 4 Dramas Starring Kim Myung Soo You Should Definitely Watch”

Otherwise known as L from INFINITE, Kim Myung Soo is not just an idol group member, but also an actor to boot! It had not been an easy journey for Myung Soo, who faced the stigma of being one out of the many idol actors emerging from the K-pop industry. Ever since his onscreen debut in a Japanese drama titled “Jiu” in 2011, Myung Soo has been constantly improving himself in terms of his acting skills in order to prove critics wrong.

Fans and non-fans alike agree that he has made significant improvements in regards to his acting skills and that is a feat worth noticing. He has taken part in quite a number of productions, but here are our top four picks of his works that are highly recommended! 🙂



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Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
Myung Soo officially made his debut on television screens nationwide in “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band” as a guitarist in a band called Eye Candy. And boy is that name apt for a group of talented, young and handsome high school boys! He goes by Lee Hyun Soo in the drama, a pretty boy with an “Ice Prince” image; he is someone who focuses on polishing his guitar skills and taking care of his younger sister.

This is the drama to start with if you have never seen any of the shows Myung Soo has starred in. It doesn’t hurt that there are also characters played by fellow flower boys such as Sung JoonKim Min Seok, Yoo Min KyuLee Hyun Jae and Lee Min Ki.

The drama follows Eye Candy’s road to realising their dreams after the death of their leader, while in their new high school. If you’re looking for a romantic high school drama, with a dash of rock-and-roll, check out Shut Up! Flower Boy Band!



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The Master’s Sun
If you’re a big fan of Korean dramas, this is definitely not one you should overlook! With So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin as part of the main cast, “The Master’s Sun” received high acclaim during the time it was aired. Myung Soo played a young Jo Joong Won (the older character played by So Ji Sub) of which his character received great trauma due to a kidnapping incident which happened to him when he was young, leading to distrust and greediness as he grew up.

While he appeared mostly in the first few episodes, Myung Soo’s intense glares and frightened gazes will definitely draw you in. His desperation can be felt through the screen, as he urgently called out to his girlfriend during a particular scene. If romance with a touch of horror is your cup of tea, be sure to watch The Master’s Sun”!



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The Emperor: Owner of the Mask
In “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask”, Myung Soo did really well portraying his character as Commoner Lee Sun, the nation’s stand-in king. Shivers will no doubt be running down your spine when his mood switches all of a sudden and Myung Soo’s character turns hostile and cold. If sageuk dramas are your thing, and if you want to watch the latest that Myung Soo has to offer, then this is the drama for you!

The drama is set in 18th century Joseon, revolving around Crown Prince Lee Sun, played by Yoo Seung Ho, in his fight against the organisation behind the monopoly of the nation’s water supply. Willing to give The Emperor: Owner of the Mask” a try? Definitely no regrets from us!



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My Lovely Girl
In ‘My Lovely Girl’, Myung Soo plays an arrogant K-pop idol, Shi Woo, who has a major crush towards Se Na, played by f(x) Krystal. Those who’ve watched the show would say that they loved seeing them together on screen because both idols complemented each other so well even though they did not end up together!

Lee Hyun Wook, played by Jung Ji Hoon, is Se Na’s main love interest. This means that he and Shi Woo are ultimately rivals in love in the drama. Hyun Wook is the CEO of a talent agency, who is unable to get over the death of his ex-girlfriend. It just so happens that his ex-girlfriend is Se Na’s sister.

If you’re up for some angst and romance, don’t forget to check “My Lovely Girl”!



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  • Mel on September 23, 2017

    The Day After We Broke Up is an amazing drama as well! Check it out!


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