“[FEATURE] 3 Underrated Tracks from TAEYANG’s ‘White Night’ Album”

The release of Taeyang’s latest album ‘White Night’ last August was reciprocated with much love and praises both from his fans and critics alike. Many praised Taeyang’s more experimental approach with his songs in this album that transcend more than just one genre, yet still maintaining his lush vocals that is rooted in soul and R&B tunes. There are a total of eight tracks from this latest album; fan favourite tracks include the bombastic ‘White Night’, lead single ‘Wake Me Up’, and stirring ballad ‘Darling’. However, there are three tracks from the album that we think deserve their moment in the spotlight as well!


‘Ride’ opens with a groovy concoction of keyboard and soft percussion that fit well with Taeyang’s smooth vocals. A song that is simply a heartfelt and suave serenade by the man they call the sun, can make all the fans’ hearts melt into a puddle of tears. With lines like, “가고 싶은 곳이 있다면 말해.굳이 없다면 그것도 괜찮아. 내 옆자리에 너만 있으면 돼. 그게 어디든,” (Translation: If there’s a place you wanna go, then tell me. If there isn’t one, that’s okay too. As long as you’re by my side, wherever that may be) this is definitely our pick of the perfect romantic song!



What may come off as a rather explicit song at first, from both the title and lyrics in the chorus; it is in fact just another unapologetic romantic and thoughtful serenade (one of Taeyang’s many specialties). The line, “I want you naked. 진짜 네 모습을 내게 보여줘 (Translation: Don’t be shy, show me your true self),” can be interpreted one way, but another interpretation would be that Taeyang is simply assuring his ominous partner to let go and give herself to him and to trust him. The music itself is quite trendy with faint tropical beats in the background partnered with techno-infused beats.



‘Empty Road’
Saving the best for last, this laid-back track is our personal favourite! It is the perfect synergy of Taeyang’s honey vocal and guitar chords with faint echoes of his voice in the background. Accompanied with lyrics that feel like a memoir from a forgotten past, the song will surely hit you right in the heart.



All eight tracks from Taeyang’s newest album ‘White Night’ deserves all the love and more. It is a brave step by the veteran K-pop star to explore and diversify himself to many genres that is apparent throughout the album, yet he still manages to emphasise his true strengths in serenading lyrics and astounding vocals.

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Written by: Esta Wantah



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