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“[AUSTRALIA] BTS takes Australia by storm & brings the ‘Red Bullet’ tour Down Under!”


10,12 July 2015 – Rising hip-hop boy group BTS (Bangtan Boys), comprised of Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, definitely got off to a fantastic start on the Australian leg of their world tour. Both concerts in Sydney and Melbourne were completely sold out as their fans, affectionately called ARMYs, got behind the boys and banded together to give the band a warm welcome to the southern hemisphere.

Fresh off triple-track promotions from their latest, chart-topping album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt.1′, anticipation was rife as fans in Sydney and Melbourne would be among the first to hear and see BTS perform their hit track ‘쩔어 (Dope)’ live. The boys certainly did not disappoint and even brought out a set of snazzy new stage outfits for the shows!



Demonstrating their famous military-style choreography routines and showcasing impressive rapping and vocal skills, fans in both cities were treated equally to an electrifying show and had a whale of a time, singing along loudly and raising their light sticks high up into the air. BTS showed their amazing versatility, from performing high-energy dance tracks like ‘N.O.’, to soothing ballads like ‘Just One Day’ and even songs that called for the fans to join in the chorus like ‘Miss Right’!



The fun-loving boys were full of vigour and entertained the audience to no end. They faced off in an impromptu game of ‘Scissors, Paper, Stone’ onstage in Sydney, where youngest member Jungkook ultimately lost and gamely performed a cute dance as punishment. In Melbourne, V placed last and did aegyo, much to the delight of their fans!

Besides that, the boys also made sure to speak and interact with the audience members. One particularly memorable tidbit from leader Rap Monster: he said that on a school exchange in New Zealand, he had watched a horse race held in Melbourne on TV, but now he is the one running (around the stage) in front of a huge crowd. What a twist of fate indeed!


When the members gave their speeches at the end of the concerts, the boys thanked the crowd for their warm support. J-Hope, in particular, asked everyone to check out their new album and to wait for them. We hope that means the boys will return to Australia in the near future!


The concert ended on a high note, with bursts of confetti during the final encore stage. VIP ticket holders then had their chance to participate in a special high-touch session with BTS.

We would like to extend a big Thank You to Fast Track Events for organizing this event and for extending invites to The Seoul Story to cover this event 🙂

*Photos courtesy of Fast Track Events.


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